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Pet Boarding Facilities at Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto (Currently Unavailable)

At Kato Animal Hospital, we understand that spending time apart can be a stressful situation for both you and your pet. We know that it can be difficult to leave your precious fur baby in someone else’s hands. Therefore, we try to do our best to make it a little bit easier by offering reliable pet boarding in Toronto. Whether you are away for a few days on business or off on vacation for a few weeks, Kato Animal Hospital provides safe and stress-free boarding for your pets.


Our staff will treat your pet like they’re a member of our extended family. We ensure that you can be at complete mental peace during your time away from your furry friend. We are committed to gaining your trust as well as that of your pet and will go to any length necessary to ensure a comfortable experience for you both. By the time you return, your pet may feel so pampered that they won’t want to leave! If you are looking for pet boarding in Toronto for your fur babies, count on us. We also offer other services such as nutritional consultation and in-house specialists for the all-round health and well-being of your pet.

What do Pet Boarding Facilities Include?

Pet boarding simply means taking care of someone else’s pets for a given period of time. A professional facility such as ours ensures that your pets will be well taken care of in your absence. Here are a few services offered by pet boarding facilities:

  • Wellness checks
  • Walks and playtime
  • Offering a comfortable and caring environment
  • Nail trimming, brushing, and other grooming services
  • Facilitating enjoyable interaction among like-sized animals

Our Promise to Offer Reliable Pet Boarding Services in Toronto

At Kato Animal Hospital, we try to make your pet's vacation a special occasion!

Our technicians, veterinarians and staff closely monitor your pet, giving him or her plenty of attention and all the love and affection while you have to be away from them. From dogs to cats to smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs, our staff will provide the warm and compassionate care you’ve come to expect from us at Kato Animal Hospital. While your pet is staying with us, we will:

Provide comfortable bedding

While we can’t spoil your pet with cuddles like yours while you’re gone, we ensure that your furry friend sleeps as comfortably and peacefully with us as possible. We provide comfortable bedding and a loving environment to make things easier for your pet when you can’t be around.

Give them fun toys to play with

You don’t have to stress about your pet being lonely or anxious without you.

Playtime with similar-sized pets and a lot of love, attention and fun toys will keep him or her engaged and active.

Provide appropriate food and abundant water

We ensure a healthy diet, exercise regimens as well as plenty of water to keep your pet happy and hydrated.

Alongside providing love and care, we also keep track of your pet’s weight management and overall health.

Administer any necessary medication

(including subcutaneous fluids and insulin)

We are trusted by pet parents in Toronto for our staff which is trained and qualified in medication administration. Our well-trained and experienced staff ensures that your pet receives the doses required at the right time.

Why Choose Pet Boarding Services When You’re Away?

There are multiple reasons to opt for pet boarding services to ensure complete care of your four-legged friends. Some of them are:

  • It helps your pets make friends: Pets enjoy boarding as it lets them play with other animals. If you love your pet and wish to provide them with an opportunity to socialize and spend quality time with other pets, pet boarding can be a great solution.
  • It helps keep your home safe: If you plan to travel and want to make sure that your pets don’t tear your furniture, pet boarding services can help keep your pets from getting into trouble at home.
  • It reduces stress: Leaving your pet with a pet sitter can be stressful and can keep you worried all the time. A pet boarding facility will ensure that your pets are well taken care of when you are away.

Comfortable and Expansive Facilities

At Kato Animal Hospital, we treat our boarding services as a hotel would for you—comfortable living space and all the amenities necessary for an enjoyable stay, especially if you do not want to bother your friends or family with pet care responsibilities. Your pet will have his or her own individual kennel complete with a comfortable bed and easy access to food and water.


We’ve come to be known as a trustworthy pet boarding facility in Toronto because we have a keen sense of which animals belong together and those that don’t. Our team promotes friendly play and interaction between like-sized animals, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s well-being amongst our other guests.

Individualized Care and Attention

The team at Kato Animal Hospital has an unmatched love and affection for animals. When you leave your pet in our care, you can rest assured that he or she will have an enjoyable experience and won’t miss home too much! We work to provide high-quality care for your furry family member in a secure, healthy and nurturing environment.

We are unique as a provider of pet boarding in Toronto because we emphasize our special medical attention and supervision of pets with more fragile health conditions. Our team will gently administer any necessary medications and injections while ensuring any special diets are strictly followed.



Why Choose Us for Pet Boarding in Toronto?

Some of the reasons why you should choose us to take care of your canines and felines are:

  • We have years of experience and knowledge to take good care of your pets
  • We offer reliable and comprehensive pet care services
  • We are passionate about animal care and love animals dearly

Commonly Asked Questions

What will my pet do during the day?

Your pet can run and play with the other friends, splash in the pool, slide down the slide and jump through agility playsets.


Do I need to bring my pet’s bed?

If you wish you can bring his/her bed. However, we do offer beds for all our furry friends.


Can I take a tour of your pet boarding centre?
Our team always encourages customers to take a tour of our pet boarding facility. We aim to provide a first-class environment for all your pets and want you to feel comfortable while choosing us for your pet's vacation.


Can I bring my pet’s food?

If your pet has a special diet, you can bring their food. Our team is also trained to prepare special meals for pets.


Do you provide medicines for pets?

Our trained professionals can administer medicines and also offer special care for pets with illnesses.


Do you have an in-house vet?

We have access to qualified vets if there is an emergency. You can be sure that we will be proactive in taking care of your pets.



Book Your Pet’s Stay with Us

Whether you’re going on vacation, leaving town on business or need to leave your pet with us for any other reason, give us a call or email us today. We are the preferred pet boarding place in Toronto.


The Ultimate Lodging Experience for Your Pets


Your furry friend will be well looked after at our pet boarding facility in Toronto, so you both can enjoy your time away from each other.

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