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Partners in Your Pet’s Health

Providing exceptional veterinary services and pet care in Toronto for over 40 years. You can trust us with your pets.

Kato Animal Hospital: Your Trusted Veterinarian in East Danforth

Are you looking for a dependable and experienced veterinarian for your beloved pets? Do you often wonder if your pets also need a nutritious diet and exercise like you? You need a balanced and nutritious diet, daily exercise, and much more to stay fit and healthy. In the same way, your pet needs to follow a similar pattern to remain healthy. Your dogs need dental care, and cats need regular exercise. If it’s a matter of your pet’s health, consider taking them to experienced professionals. When you need to consult a trusted veterinarian in Toronto and East Danforth, reach out to us at Kato Animal Hospital. We offer various services, such as nutritional consultation, X-rays, and dental check-ups. You can count on our 40+ years of experience caring for your pets.

Our Approach

At Kato Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of your special bond with your pet. We recognize they are a part of your family, so we treat them with love and care. For us, your pet’s well-being is our top priority!

Our Toronto and East Danforth veterinarians provide your furry friends with a comfortable and safe environment. You can rely on us for our personalized approach, gentle care, and thorough examination of your pet’s unique medical needs.

We will work with you to provide your pet with the ideal medical and grooming services. Whether you own a dog or a cat, we will gladly help you!

Our Veterinary Services

At Kato Animal Hospital, we offer various services that stop disease and discomfort in its tracks. Our services include:

Our experienced veterinarian provides both elective and non-elective pet surgeries. We offer a warm environment and a variety of diets to ensure your pet's comfort during their stay.

We offer to spay female pets and neuter male pets, which involves the removal of their reproductive organs. These procedures require general anesthesia, and your pet will recover at our veterinary office for a few hours under our careful supervision.

Dedicated to the well-being of your beloved pets, our experienced veterinarians are devoted to delivering exceptional core and non-core vaccine care for your furry friends.

We diagnose and address various dental issues your pet may encounter, ranging from minor tartar buildup to more complex periodontal disease. Our expertise extends to dogs and cats of all sizes and ages, ensuring comprehensive dental care for your furry companions.

Regular examinations

Your furry friends need regular assessments and routine checkups to monitor their development. As pets age quicker than people, it is important to conduct regular examinations to assess their physical, dental, and behavioural health.

If you are still determining whether your pet is eating the right food or on the proper diet, we can help you. You can rely on us to address weight loss and urinary problems, among other medical issues, through proper nutritional advice.

Basic training advice

Our staff in Toronto is dedicated to your pet’s training with love and care. Consult us for basic training and guidance tips to train your pet today.

Preventive medicine

To prevent your pet from unnecessary health complications, you can rely on us for timely vaccines, spaying/neutering, heartworm control, and more.

We offer gentle and thorough pet grooming services. Using gentle products and industry-standard techniques, we provide a comprehensive cleaning from head to tail, leaving your pet looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Browse our complete list of veterinary services.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Preventive Veterinary Care

Our veterinarian in Toronto and East Danforth wants to prevent health issues for your pet before they become a problem. We provide various preventative care services through vaccinations, prescription foods, and diagnostic services to keep your pet in optimal health.

We treat all cat and dog breeds. When choosing a small animal as a family pet, it’s essential to research the animal before bringing it into your home. Your family pet needs to be compatible with your lifestyle. That way, bonding over time will be easier for you and your pet. Not sure if we can care for your specific friend? Call and speak with one of our helpful staff anytime.

Pet Dental Cleaning Services

As your caring and compassionate veterinarian in East Danforth, Kato Animal Hospital offers a full slate of pet dental cleaning services for all sizes and breeds of dogs. As with humans, dental cleaning can’t be ignored for pets, either! It’s essential not only for routine dental cleanliness but for overall health as well.


If your dog’s teeth aren’t routinely cleaned, bad results—including foul breath and weak gums—will follow! Conveniently located on the Danforth, come to us for pet dental cleaning solutions.


Urgent Veterinary Care

If your pet needs immediate medical care, Kato Animal Hospital is equipped to handle your animal emergency. Our experienced veterinary team offers blood tests, X-rays, and surgeries on-site.


If our veterinarian is unavailable, we can refer you to other qualified emergency clinics for after-hours care.


Visit Your Reliable Veterinarian in Toronto and East Danforth Regularly

Regularly monitoring your pet’s health and overall wellness is important to ensure they remain healthy and in good shape. With the help of proper veterinary care, many problems can be detected early and resolved with simple medical procedures. With advancements in veterinary medicine, many animals enjoy a healthy and extended lifespan. Looking after your furry friends is our privilege, and with the help of our warm and compassionate team of doctors, we make them as comfortable as possible. So don’t postpone that regular check-up. Bring your pet to us, and let us work our magic and make them feel special. Our animal care attendants are also interested in studying animal behaviour and take great pride in understanding and communicating with our furry friends. Get in touch with us with your pets, and we will make them feel special with our magic.

Why Choose Our Veterinarian Team in Toronto and East Danforth?

Kato Animal Hospital is a fully-trusted pet clinic that offers a full range of services for your pet's healthcare. Have a look at some important factors that make us an ideal care provider for your pets:

  • Qualified team: Our well-trained veterinarians are always ready to protect your pets' health. Kato Animal Hospital is committed to providing high-quality pet healthcare for your furry friends. You can rely on our team to guide you through all the decisions needed to restore your pet’s health.

  • Long experience: We have been working tirelessly for the well-being of your pets over the last 40 years. This long association has helped us become expert healthcare providers for your pets.

  • Comprehensive care: We provide a full range of professional care and grooming services. We will take care of it all, whether it is dental care, vaccinations, minor sickness, or a major health ailment.

  • Strong goodwill: With our committed and compassionate services, we have successfully established long-term relationships with our customers and their pets.


To learn more about pet care tips from our veterinarians at Kato Animal Hospital, visit our blog. You can also get in touch with our experts for more information!

Book an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in Toronto and East Danforth

You and your pet will develop a personal relationship with our staff through regular visits and consultations. We'll be able to closely monitor any changes in your pet's health and advise you on how to care for your pet. 


Call today to schedule an appointment at our clinic. Our veterinarian in Toronto and East Danforth will assist you in keeping your pets healthy.

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