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We Care for Your Pets at Our Animal Hospital in Toronto

Kato Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital in Toronto, Ontario. From preventative care to diagnosis and treatment to end of life problems, we try to be part of your pet’s well-being and care. We aim to exercise the highest quality of veterinary medicine for the patient. When your pet requires health care, you expect your veterinarian to treat your pet kindly and keep you informed on necessary procedures and prescriptions. At Kato Animal Hospital, we believe that all animals and pets need to be handled with love and care during every check-up, procedure, or surgery. If you are looking for an animal hospital in Toronto, you can count on us.

At Kato Animal Hospital, we provide a wide range of services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, surgery, X-rays and more. If an emergency arises during the operation, we react quickly to provide the best service possible. After-hours emergencies are referred to an emergency clinic.

You can trust our 40+ years of expertise in providing reliable veterinary services. From a regular examination of your pets to preventive veterinary care, we do it all. When visiting us for pet care, you can rest assured with our safe and effective approach to treatment. You don’t have to worry about the safety or health of your pet, as they are safe in our experienced hands. 

We assure you that when you bring your cat or dog to our animal hospital in Toronto, our trained and knowledgeable staff will provide warm and compassionate care.

Who Are We?

In 1982, Dr. Christine Kato founded the Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Since that time, she has helped hundreds of pets (and their owners) stay in good shape.

Most of our staff have been with us for over a decade, and as a result, we've been able to build long-term relationships with most of our clients.

We encourage our staff to polish their skills through continuing education and frequent meetings. And if we can't perform a specific service for you or your pet, we'll refer you to our laboratory partner Antech, for a consultation.

Our Mission 

At Kato Animal Hospital, we believe in serving your pets in the best possible way. Our mission is to offer the highest standards of practice so that your furry friend feels safe and comfortable. Our team at Kato Animal Hospital are pet owners and completely understand the value a pet brings to your life!

We work using an individualized approach to meet the diverse yet specific requirements your pet might have. You can rely on our animal hospital for your pet’s preventive care along with other comprehensive pet care services. Whether you are looking to get your four-legged friend’s x-ray done or annual vaccinations, feel free to contact us.  

Services Offered at Our Animal Hospital in Toronto 

Kato Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services for your pets. You can rely on our professional vets for routine wellness exams and more: 

  • Digital x-rays: Our in-house x-ray facility is equipped to diagnose your pet’s health. We only use advanced imaging equipment to produce clear images. 

  • Surgeries: Our experienced team of professionals can perform both elective and non-elective surgical procedures. We can perform anesthetics along with other health monitoring procedures.  

  • Dentistry services: We offer dental cleaning and assessment for tooth extraction at our facility. Your pet’s good oral hygiene is our priority.  

We are equipped to take care of your furry friend, irrespective of its breed. You can also rely on us for offering emergency care services, as we are concerned about your pet’s well-being.  

You can trust us with your pet’s vaccination, prescribed foods, blood testings and neutering services. Whether you own a cat, Kato Animal Hospital is there to help! Schedule a visit today!  

Kato Animal Hospital Interior in Toronto

Why Choose Our Animal Hospital?

At Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, we understand the importance of keeping up with the times. To accommodate changes in technology, we expanded our building in the 1990s and purchased new digital X-ray equipment in 2007, which was upgraded in 2012. In 2015, we upgraded to digital dental x-rays, and we look forward to using new software that will make it easier to provide you with internet referrals.

In addition to first-rate pet care, we provide you with a comfortable clinic, which is kid-friendly and has a calm environment. Your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her veterinarian in our animal hospital in Toronto.

We offer top-notch preventative health management and are always prepared to help you and your pet. 

The team at Kato Animal Hospital is grateful to you for choosing us as your pet’s health care provider. We appreciate the role we get to play in your loved one’s care. We want to work with you to make veterinary care more comfortable for you and your pets. Our animal hospital will try to accommodate your request to the best of our capability. Please don’t delay and contact us today. We’d be happy to speak with you.

Meet the Team at our Animal Hospital in Toronto

The staff at Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto consists of one full-time veterinarian and one part-time veterinarian, one full- and two part-time receptionists, one full- and one part-time registered veterinary technician and three part-time veterinary assistants.

Our dedicated staff members include:

Christine Kato

Owner Dr. Christine Kato and Prince, Her German Shepherd

Degrees: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College - Guelph & Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto

Memberships: Canadian Veterinary Organization, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Information Network


Julie, Receptionist/RBT Animal Care Attendant 

Expertise: Animal care

Experience: Has been assisting for over 10 years

Pets at Home: A cat and Autralian Cattle Dog Mix


Victoria, Animal Care Attendant/RBT, Receptionist

Expertise: Animal care, reception

Experience: Over 10 Years in animal care

Accreditations: Attended Seneca College Veterinary Technology program

Hobbies & Interests: Recently a New Mom, Reading, video games, watching movies, and cuddling with her dog. Interested in animal behaviour.

Things to Consider If You Are a New Pet Owner in Toronto 

Are you a new pet owner in Toronto? First, we would like to congratulate you on becoming a first-time pet owner! We can understand the excitement of bringing a new pet home and the various responsibilities that come with it. You can go through our list of things you can consider as a first-time owner: 

  • Book your pet’s first veterinary appointment for an examination.  

  • Ensure that your pet is vaccinated as per their schedule.  

  • Don’t forget to get deworming done as a part of a preventive health routine.  

  • Always take into consideration your pet’s diet to fulfil their nutritional needs.  

Too learn more about how to take care of your furry friend, please visit our blog.


Top-notch Pet Care Services in Toronto

If you are looking for a quality animal hospital in Toronto for your pets, then get in touch with us today!  

Your Trusted Animal Hospital in Toronto, Ontario


All animals deserve excellent and compassionate care.

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