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Protect Your Animals with Pet Vaccination in East Danforth and Toronto

We, humans, need vaccination to fight against serious infections. Similarly, our pets also need vaccines and routine care that can prevent fatal diseases. At Kato Animal Hospital, we provide pet vaccination services for your dogs and cats. 


We understand that regularly monitoring your pet’s health is essential to keep them in good shape. For over 40 years, Kato Animal Hospital has provided extensive veterinary pet care services in Toronto and East Danforth. Our services include nutritional consultation, X-rays and dental check-ups.

Call us today to make an appointment for a pet vaccination.

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Why Is It Important to Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Why Pet Vaccination Is Important

Pet vaccination is crucial for the health and well-being of your furry friends. Vaccination will trigger an immune response and prepares your pet to fight against deadly and contagious diseases. This can significantly reduce the severity of illnesses and save their lives.

Without proper vaccination, your pets are at risk of contracting these diseases. This is especially true for young kittens and puppies, who are highly susceptible to infectious diseases.

Pet vaccination is an affordable and essential preventive measure for your pets.

If you're looking for pet vaccination in East Danforth, look no further than Kato Animal Hospital. Our experienced veterinarians are committed to providing excellent care for your furry friends. Schedule a vaccination appointment today and ensure the health and longevity of your beloved pets.

Types of Vaccination

Before you proceed with pet vaccination, it is important to understand the types of vaccines. Here are the two main categories of vaccines:

Core vaccines: It is recommended for most pets. It usually includes rabies, distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, parainfluenza and adenovirus.

Non-core vaccines: These are optional vaccination, depending on the environment your pets are in. These types of vaccines include Lyme disease, Bordetella, leptospirosis and, for some areas, canine influenza.

Our team of experienced veterinarians takes into account your pet’s health.

Benefits of Getting Pet Vaccination

Some of the benefits of getting a pet vaccination are:

  • Helps your pets build immunity and antibodies that can protect them from illnesses and diseases.

  • Can help your pet live longer, or avoid preventative veterinary treatment or hospitalization.

  • Not only protecting your pet from disease but also protecting your family and friends from contracting a Zoonotic disease. 

Get in touch with us to ask more about pet vaccination, or schedule an appointment with us.

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We understand that the bond you share with your pet is very special. Kato Animal Hospital has over 40 years of veterinary experience and served in Toronto and the East Danforth area. We provide the right care and treatment to your pets through examination and individual approach. Our staff always ensures your pet can receive the best treatment.


Contact us for pet vaccination or other services.

Help Your Pets Fight Diseases


Protect your pets from highly susceptible diseases by pet vaccination.

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