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Veterinary X-Rays in Toronto

One of the biggest challenges as a pet owner is to figure out what’s wrong with your pet when they’re not feeling quite right. With no way to express themselves, your furry baby may be having a hard time. An x-ray can help identify the root of the issue that your pet is going through. X-rays, including barium series, can be done on-site and are often done as part of a work-up for illness. Kato Animal Hospital is pleased to offer all our patients the most up-to-date digital x-ray equipment that quickly and easily produces very high quality images. The images are very clear and crisp and make detecting problems much easier. Because they are digital images, they can easily be sent home with our clients or e-mailed to a specialist for consultation. Call us to schedule an appointment with our expert veterinary x-ray technician in Toronto. 

Noticed Major Changes in Your Pet’s Behaviour? 

Have you noticed any significant changes in your pet’s behaviour? Has your pet been acting irritable, annoyed or grumpy lately? Or have you noticed other health issues such as constant vomiting, irritable motions or bleeding? These could be symptoms of a more significant health issue. Fortunately, the developments in technology have now made it possible to identify and diagnose any problems for your four-legged friends. 
Advanced digital x-ray technology can easily facilitate detailed imaging of the inside of your pet’s body. This helps in an easy and quick diagnosis of many possible health issues that your pet may be suffering from. At Kato Animal Hospital, we can provide you with complete Digital x-ray services for your pets. From broken bones to tumours and infections, we can provide you with detailed imaging of the health issues that your pet is suffering from. Get in touch with our well-trained veterinary x-ray technician in Toronto today. 

Benefits of Digital Veterinary X-Rays 

Digital x-ray has completely transformed x-ray imaging technologies and has allowed doctors to identify and diagnose all kinds of medical issues inside a pet’s body. Better x-ray images automatically result in a much more accurate and precise diagnosis of the problem. Digital x-ray technology is also faster than traditional photographic x-ray technology.  

You can get results in real-time. A quicker diagnosis subsequently leads to a better prognosis ensuring that your pet is treated faster. Reach out to us, and our veterinary x-ray technician will be happy to help. 

Reliable Veterinary X-Rays in Toronto 

At Kato Animal Hospital, we can provide complete veterinary x-rays in Toronto to help diagnose and treat your fur babies. 

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