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Nutritional Consultation and In-House Specialists in East Danforth and Toronto

At Kato Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet requires a lot of care, attention and love. To ensure your pet receives this care, we offer a variety of services, including the following.

Nutritional Consultation

Not sure if your pet is eating the right food? Our staff will match your dog or cat with the proper diet. We'll address weight loss concerns as well as urinary problems and oral health issues. We supply prescription diets that require a veterinarian's approval for purchase.

In-House Specialist Referral

If your pet requires specialized care or advanced testing, we'll refer you to a mobile surgeon, ultrasound specialist, radiologist or cardiologist as needed.


Could your pet use a few accessories? We supply pet sundries, brushes, head halters, and nail trimmers.

Why Visit Kato Animal Hospital?

When you bring your pet to Kato Animal Hospital for pet grooming in Toronto, you can count on our onsite veterinarian to examine your pet and provide medical treatment or sedation according to your pet's needs.

To learn more about our services, call us today.

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