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Professional Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Servicesin East Danforth and Toronto

Oral care for pets is often overlooked but is as crucial for dogs and cats as it is for humans. Many pet owners only become aware of dental issues when noticeable signs emerge. If your pet experiences difficulty eating, has bad breath or has missing teeth, it indicates they need a prompt dental check-up. Kato Animal Hospital provides comprehensive cat and dog teeth cleaning services in East Danforth and Toronto. Timely preventative dental care is essential to avoid potential health issues in pets. Our teeth cleaning service ensures the maintenance of strong and healthy teeth-supporting structures for your furry companions. 


At Kato Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive pet dental services in East Danforth. We have all the tools to diagnose and treat your pet’s dental problems, which may be as simple as a tartar buildup to Periodontal disease. We have worked with dogs of all sizes and ages. Rely on Kato Animal Hospital for dog and cat teeth cleaning services. Make an appointment with us and improve your pet’s dental health.


Our Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Services

Our pet teeth cleaning services include:

Modern ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Digital dental X-ray equipment

Professional subgingival hand scaling by a technician
Dental charting
Extractions as needed
Teeth polishing

Signs of Dental Problems in Your Pets:

Some common signs that indicate your pet might require a visit to our animal hospital are:

  • Difficulty eating

  • Drooling

  • Pawing at the teeth or mouth

  • Discharge from the nose

  • Swelling under the eyes

  • Bad breath

  • Tooth discoloration or visible tartar

  • Lose, chipped teeth or missing teeth

  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums

  • Weight loss or loss of appetite


You can read more about issues related to your pets’ health on our blog.

Digital X-Ray

While it would be convenient if pets could articulate their discomfort like humans, reality tells a different tale. Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment, we can precisely visualize your pet's dental condition, enabling a thorough and informed diagnosis. 

With accurate diagnosis, we can offer optimal treatments to address your pet's dental concerns. Our goal is to deliver the most effective care, ensuring a healthy life for your pet because your pet's well-being is our top priority. 

Ultrasonic Pet Dental Treatments

Ultrasonic cleaning helps to safely and thoroughly remove tartar,  which in pets is a hard scale rather than soft tartar like in people.

Subgingival Hand-Scaling

This method allows us to remove the subgingival calculus from the tooth’s surface. It is a  meticulous process that eliminates as much debris and inflamed tissue as possible to prevent diseases like Periodontal  disease or Gingivitis.

Tooth Extractions and Re-alignment

Sometimes, your pet may suffer from Malocclusion, a misalignment of the lower and upper jaw. While this may be normal for some breeds,  your pet may have difficulty chewing in other extreme cases.

Our professionals can diagnose and evaluate these problems precisely and help your pet by referring you to a veterinary dentist for re-aligning, or extracting their teeth if needed. If you feel like your pet is having any difficulty while eating, get in touch with us today for a dental diagnosis of your pet.

Factors Associated with Pet Dental Disease

Paying close attention to the factors contributing to dental issues can help you maintain your pet's oral health. These factors include:

  • Diet: Some foods increase or decrease the occurrence of dental problems in pets. When you visit our animal hospital in Toronto, we can help you identify these food items and dental treats or products.

  • Age: Dental problems can occur in younger pets, but they're more common in seniors. Looking out for the early signs of dental troubles in your older pet can help you take preventative action.

  • Breed: Some breeds, such as smaller dogs or Persian cats, are more likely to have crowded teeth, making cleaning hard. This particular factor can contribute to your pet having poor oral health.

When you visit us for pet dental services in Toronto, we will carefully inspect the factors causing and worsening your pet's poor dental issues.

The Importance of Pet Dental Services

  • Prevent tooth loss: Structures that support your pet’s teeth can become infected and damaged. Prolonged damage can cause their teeth to loosen or even fall out and can cause oral pain.

  • Prevent bad breath: Do you get a nasty whiff of your dog’s breath? It is a clear sign that bacteria is building up inside their mouth, either food particles being stuck to their teeth or periodontal disease.

  • Avoid periodontal disease: Inflammation and gum infections are common in canines, which cause the gums to recede from the teeth and loosen their roots.

  • Prevent pain: Prolonged dental disease can cause pain to your pets, and timely dental care can prevent that pain.

Our veterinarian has over 40 years of experience and you can be assured that we will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pets. Whether you are looking for a one-time dog teeth cleaning service or continuous oral care for your pet, we can help you. If you'd like to learn more about our pet dental services in East Danforth, please reach out to us. Browse our blogs for more information.

Annual Dental  Teeth Exam and Cleaning 

At Kato Animal Hospital, we understand the significance of your furry friend's oral health. Introducing our specialized annual dental teeth cleaning service—a comprehensive solution to keep your pet's smile bright! 


Entrust your pet's oral health to our experienced veterinary team. We specialize in gentle, effective dental cleanings to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being. From routine cleanings to addressing specific dental concerns, your pet is covered. 

What to Expect for Our Pet Dental Services : 


Thorough dental examination: Our veterinarians conduct a dental examination, checking for signs of dental disease, tartar buildup, and abnormalities. 


Professional cleaning: We use advanced tools and techniques to perform a professional dental cleaning, removing plaque and tartar that brushing alone can't reach. 


Treatment and recommendations: If any dental issues are detected, our team provides prompt treatment and recommendations for at-home care to maintain your pet's dental health. 


Give your pet a healthy smile! Contact Kato Animal Hospital to schedule annual dental teeth cleaning for your pets. Our compassionate team is dedicated to ensuring your pet's dental experience is as enjoyable as possible because a healthy smile is a happy pet!  


Promoting Good Dental Health of Your Pet

When trying to promote good oral health in your pets, you can adopt certain practices, such as:

  • Visiting us for routine inspections and cleanings

  • Avoiding foods that can negatively affect your pet's oral health

  • Regularly brushing your pet's teeth

  • Routinely inspecting your pet's gums, teeth and jaw for signs of issues


Pet Dental Services | FAQ

Having access to information allows you to make informed decisions about your pet's dental health. The following are some commonly asked questions about pet dental services:


How Common Are Pet Dental Problems?

Many people are not aware that a large number of dogs and cats suffer from dental diseases. This lack of information causes failure to treat easily avoidable dental problems. As a result, many pets may suffer from liver, kidney, digestive and other issues.

Are My Pet's Dental Problems the Same as Mine?

No, they're not. While humans tend to suffer from dental decay and cavities, cats and dogs do not. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of pet dental health problems.

Why Does My Pet Require Professional Dental Cleaning?

While home care and dental cleaning are essential, we will clean your pet's teeth in a way  you can't. We deep clean your pet's teeth to remove bacteria, tartar and other particles to prevent diseases. Dental X-rays can identify early signs of disease.


How Often Should I Bring My Pet in for a Teeth Cleaning?

This depends on your pet's dental health. Many factors can affect the frequency of dental visits, such as:

  • Whether your pet suffers from any diseases

  • Type of homecare

  • Diet

  • Age

  • Breed

The frequency of visits can vary from once a month for gingival disease to once a year for routine exams. To get a better idea, please speak with our team.

How Much Will My Pet’s Dental Services Cost?

There is no set standard on the cost of pet dental care. The price eventually depends on factors such as:

  • The nature of the issue

  • The type of procedure required

  • Your pet's age

  • Your pet's overall dental health

  • Your pet's requirements

We also offer a host of other veterinary services to take care of your pets. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help your furry friend.

Get in Touch

When you require pet services in Toronto, you should only turn to someone you can trust. At our pet care centre, we have the required equipment and skills to ensure optimal oral health in your pet.


Reach out to us to make an appointment today. 

Quality Pet Dental Services in Toronto

You can rely on our team to care for your pet's oral health.

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