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Your Questions Answered by an Experience Veterinarian

At Kato Animal Hospital, we’d like to share some of the most frequently asked questions we hear, along with the answers to these questions. For a personalized assessment of your pet’s health, call us to make an appointment.

  • Is surgery required if my pet has a skin tumour?
    If the biopsy shows no malignancy , your pet may not require surgery . There are are types of benign growths that have to be removed for medical reasons.
  • How do I prepare my pet for surgery?
    Pet owners should withhold food and water from their pets 12 hours before surgery in order to prevent regurgitation under anesthesia. On the morning of the surgery, the pet should have minimal activity.
  • How can I be sure my pet will be safe under anesthesia?
    Before surgery, your pet will have a medical exam and undergo blood tests, and our veterinarians will give your pet pre-surgery pain medication and sedative. When your pet is under anesthesia, our team will closely monitor them to ensure they remain stable throughout the procedure.
  • How can I help my pet after surgery?
    When the surgery is complete, your pet will go home with oral pain medication. Set up the pet’s bed in a quiet area so your pet can rest. Your veterinarians will give you aftercare instructions and pain relief medications, which vary depending on the type of pet surgery. In addition to that, we recommend you check the wound for signs of infection and schedule a follow-up examination. For more information on our services and other information related to your pet’s health, please visit our blog page.

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