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Top 5 Reasons to Groom Your Pet

Pet grooming in Toronto

At Kato Animal Hospital, we love animals and do everything we can to help them live happy and healthy lives. That’s why we offer pet grooming services in addition to regular hospital care to all our clients. Pet grooming is particularly important in a dense urban area like Toronto. Grime and dirt are everywhere and your pet can only do so much to clean him or herself. Here are our top five reasons you should give your cat or dog the gift of grooming:

1. Matted Fur Attracts Ticks and Fleas Cats and dogs can only do so much to keep their fur in good order. Two of the biggest worries for dogs (and cats, if they spend time outdoors) are ticks and fleas, which attach to the skin and cause health problems. Matted fur is an ideal place for these pests to thrive so matting should be taken care of as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 2. Controls Shedding Every pet owner knows the difficulties that go with shedding—from hairballs to lint rollers. Getting your cat or dog regularly groomed can greatly reduce the amount shedding you have to clean up. 3. Helps with Socialization Many pets dislike going to the vet. Rather than simply avoiding properly socializing your pet, the only way to improve is through practice. Regular grooming can help your pet better handle social situations. 4. Can Be Combined with Health Check-up Your pet’s fur can sometimes make identifying health concerns difficult—particularly when it comes to skin conditions. With regular pet grooming, you can identify any problems early. At Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto, we can even combine grooming with regular visits for blood tests and vaccines. 5. Your Pet’s Teeth Are Important Just like it is for us, dental health is an important aspect of overall health for your pets. Whether they’re resistant to letting your brush their teeth or you’re unable to effectively help them with it, it still needs to be done. A trained professional knows the right products and techniques to make taking care of your pet’s oral health a breeze. If you think your dog or cat would benefit from pet grooming, contact us at Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto today. Your pet deserves the best and our team is committed to helping animals in whatever way we can.


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