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Choosing the Right Pet Grooming Service

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

a happy corgi being groomed in toronto

Grooming is essential for a well-maintained and healthy pet. It takes care of your pet’s appearance as well as their health.

Pet grooming involves multiple services such as a bath, nail trimming and ear cleaning. The groomers at Kato Animal Hospital are trained to handle your pet with love. We offer services to dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets. Begin your pet’s grooming sessions early, when they are still young, as grown-up pets might be difficult to manage initially. If you are yet to take your pet to a grooming salon, it is better to plan ahead. The first step is to choose a quality grooming service provider. To know more about the importance of pet grooming, read our blog – ‘Top Five Reasons to Groom Your Pet.’ Here are a few steps to help you choose the right pet grooming service:

  • Go to the Salon in Person – Visit the grooming salon in person before selecting one. If possible, observe how the pets are being treated. You can observe whether they are happy or screaming. The methods of restraining pets, while grooming, should be humane. Moreover, there should be provisions to provide food and water to pet animals. They should have enough space to move around and at the same time, there should be barriers in place to avoid animals escaping the salon.

  • Find a Patient Groomer - Your potential pet groomer should take time to talk to you and make you feel comfortable. An experienced professional handles complicated situations while staying calm. Your pet should not feel stressed or anxious at the salon.

  • Check Their Experience – Grooming centres that have been providing service for many years are mostly better equipped to identify your pet’s problems and treat them. You can also enquire about the available veterinarians and their qualifications.

  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open – Talk clearly and ask all your doubts. Ask the groomers after they have evaluated your dog about the estimated costs. If you want, you can also ask about the required time to groom your pet.

  • Address Behavioural Concerns Up Front – As a pet owner, you are supposed to convey honestly any behavioural issues of your pet. If your pet gets very nervous or is difficult to groom, tell the pet groomers about it. By talking about it, you can get to know if they have any experience in handling pets of similar temperaments.

  • Be Specific About What You Want – Be clear while conveying how you want your pet to look, post the session. You can show photos of similarly groomed pets if you have any. You can always talk to the veterinarians to understand what specific style would suit your pet. For instance, your dog might need long hair for protection from rain or cold.

  • Research Groomers Online – Many pet groomers have their own websites, Facebook pages and Instagram feeds. Check them out and the google reviews to learn more about your potential groomer’s services.

Contact us today to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet and learn more about our services. We also make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations.


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