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Does Your Pet Need a Checkup?

Checkup at a veterinarian in Toronto

Your pet’s an important member of your family. From kisses and cuddles, to games and outings, he or she is an integral part of your daily life. And, just like you and the other members of your family, pets require regular checkups to ensure their continued good health. How Often to Have Checkups and What They Entail Adult cats and dogs less than ten years old should visit their veterinarian in Toronto once a year. From ten years and up, every six months is recommended. This may seem excessive, especially if your pet seems to generally be in good health. But it’s useful to keep in mind that our animal friends mature quicker than humans. One year for a human is roughly the equivalent of seven years for your pet. Furthermore, animals instinctively tend to mask symptoms of illness. Checkups allow the vet to uncover any problems and treat them before they cause serious complications. Each checkup is comprised of four basic components.

  1. The physical. Your pet’s weight will be assessed for a healthy range. Ears, skin, eyes, nose, lungs and heart will all be examined. Blood work may be done to screen for diseases. Specific treatments or dietary recommendations will be prescribed if necessary.

  2. The dental exam. Feline and canine teeth and gums are prone to decay and disease. A thorough examination of your pet’s mouth will establish what actions need to be taken to preserve the health of your pet’s teeth.

  3. Behavioural assessment. This is the part of the exam that you’ll be most involved with, as an on-site assessment of behaviour will only indicate so much about your pet. Behavioural problems are often correctable if they’re dealt with sooner rather than later, so be sure to share any concerns you have with your vet.

  4. Vaccinations. Though vaccinations aren’t given as frequently as they once were, they’re still required from time-to-time. Some checkups will therefore involve a shot for your pet.

Other Circumstances in Which to Bring in Your Pet to See the Veterinarian in Toronto It’s not an emergency but your pet isn’t due for a checkup for several months. When should you bring him or her in to see your veterinarian in Toronto? The simple answer is anytime there’s something out of the ordinary that causes you concern. However, here are a few specific scenarios. Bring in your pet for an exam if he or she:

  • Has suddenly lost or put on weight

  • Has been vomiting or has diarrhea for 24 hours or more

  • Has been injured or has developed a lameness

  • Doesn’t want to eat or drink

  • Has been drinking or urinating excessively

  • Has suddenly had a change in temperament

  • Has swallowed chocolate, onions, or anything else potentially toxic

  • Has a strange cough

  • Has developed a lump, especially if it is growing in size or changing

Entrust Your Pet’s Health to a Team That Cares Rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands at the animal hospital in Toronto. The Kato Animal Hospital vets and technicians are caring individuals who have compassion for all animals. Call today to schedule a checkup or if you have any concerns.


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