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The Pet Owner’s Guide to Summer Allergies in Toronto

As summer draws to an end, allergens come to life and tissue box sales increase dramatically. Unfortunately, us humans are not the only ones that dread this time of year - our furry friends suffer too!

Summer allergies mainly affect pets between the months of September and November. During this relatively warm period, fleas thrive and ragweed pollen spreads. So how exactly do these allergens affect our pets and what can we do stop them in their path? The fight against fleas These pesky pests can be a real pain! Flea bites alone are bad enough and can cause endless itching. However, if your pet is allergic to fleas, he/she may have a more severe reaction after just one bite! Hair loss (caused by intense scratching), red bumps, and little itchy spots may indicate that your pet has had an allergic reaction to fleas. Raging ragweed Animals, like humans, suffer from hay fever, which is commonly caused by ragweed and it’s allergenic pollen. Towards the end of summer, this lean, green allergy-machine release billions of pollen grains into the atmosphere that end up in our homes. What’s worse is that giant ragweed, which produces even more pollen, thrives here in Toronto! How to know if your pet is suffering from summer allergies You are probably already aware that symptoms such as sneezing and runny, puffy eyes go hand in hand with summer allergies. However, there are a few other symptoms to be aware of:

  • Excessive itching, especially on the belly and back

  • Rubbing against carpet or furniture for relief

  • Hair loss where your pet has been scratching

  • Sensitive ears

What you can do to help your pet

  • Time to turn the music up and get your rubber gloves on! Keeping allergens out of the house is tricky, but regularly vacuuming floors and beds can make a huge difference!

  • Getting your pet groomed regularly is key!

  • Above all, make sure your pet has been treated with preventative treatment for fleas.

Our veterinarian in Toronto can turn your pet’s frown upside down! If your pet is really struggling with summer allergies, our veterinarian at Kato Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON can help! In addition, if your pet needs antibiotics or antifungal medicine to treat an infection, supplements for the immune system, or an anti-itch remedy, we have the solution! If you would like to find out more or book an appointment at our animal hospital in Toronto, feel free to contact us! Our caring members of staff would be happy to help you and your little –or big- friend!


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